Kempwood North Civic Association

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Next meeting August 6th!!


The Kempwood North subdivision is a small group of 232 houses nestled in the heart of Spring Branch North in Houston, Texas. The neighborhood was built in the mid to late 60's just east of Rosefield and south of Clay Road. The neighborhood reflects the diversity of Spring Branch and is a mix of all ages, cultures and origins.

The Kempwood North Civic Association is a non-profit organization that relies on membership dues and donations to fund activities and help preserve our property values. One of the ways we seek to achieve this goal is through Deed Restrictions. Since Houston does not have comprehensive zoning ordinances, as many cities do, the deed restrictions serve much the same purpose. The enforcement of these rules is not intended to be dictatorial or restrictive of one's rights, but serve to maintain the value of our property and provide a pleasant place in which to live.

Association Meetings

In 2024, meetings will be held quarterly at John Knox Presbyterian Church on Gessner across the street from Aldi at 7:00 pm on the second Tuesday of the month. All residents are encouraged to attend. Typically there is a speaker and we will discuss a wide range of topics of interest to our neighborhood. 

Tuesday meeting dates in 2024 will be January 16th, April 9th, August 6th and November 5th. 

2024 Dues

The Civic Association annual dues are $35 plus an additional $10 for mosquito control services. The dues are allocated as follows:

This is a very reasonable amount compared to mandatory HOA maintenance fees in many neighborhoods. The dues form is located on the Documents tab of the menu. 

Dues can be mailed in by check to: 


PO Box 431521 

Houston, TX 77243-1521

or brought as cash or check to our quarterly meeting.

Checks should be made out to KNCA.

Holiday Flag 

Subscription Service

2024/2025 Flag Fundraiser

Boy Scout Troop 152 at St. Jerome Church is offering 2024 subscriptions for United States flag service. For just $50, Boy Scouts will place a rotating US flag in your front yard on six national National Holidays. The flags will be placed in your yard the weekend before the holiday and will be picked up the weekend after the holiday. Money earned will help support the troop. 

The 3' x  5' flags will be flown on the following holidays:

Memorial Day, Independence Day, 

Labor Day, Patriots Day, Veteran's Day, 

Pearl Harbor Day, President's Day

Please send a $50 check (payable to BSC Troop 152): 

BSA Troop 152 c/o Jim Davin

2322 Lexford 

Houston, TX 77080

For alternate forms of payment or in Kempwood North neighborhood payment drop off, 

please reach out to Natalie at 832-715-6568 before April 30th

If you have any questions about the service or alternate payment methods to sign up please contact Jim Davin directly at or call 713-464-5130.

Car Stickers

KNCA has reordered the rear window stickers for residents’ cars. Unfortunately, burglaries have increased in our neighborhood due to the new construction and so many people coming through the neighborhood on a regular basis. We recommend a sticker for each car in your household, especially if you park on the street. Cost is $1.00 for each sticker. They will be available at all quarterly meetings. If you would like to purchase stickers, please send a message to with your name, address and the number of stickers you need. KNCA highly recommends that every resident place a sticker on the back windshield of all resident cars. This will identify you as a KN resident.

Deed Restriction Reminders

With the passing of time, Kempwood North is getting a lot of new neighbors. Even though we have all the Deed Restrictions on this website, people get busy and either forget or haven’t taken the chance to read them. For everyone, we DO have Deed Restrictions. They are posted on a separate tab on this website and they ARE enforced. 

If it appears that a homeowner is unaware of a deed restriction, we send a friendly reminder letter to the home owner. For a subdivision of this age (1967), we look really good. The reason we still look good is because of all of our neighbors keep their property looking great. We ask everyone to review the Deed Restrictions posted here on the Deed Restrictions tab

Let us know if you have any questions. We will be happy to clarify.